About Us

Our History
Due to high demand of corporate branded clothing and promotional products, Zurial Corporate Promotions was established and now has developed a reputation for providing quality apparel and promotional products at competitive prices.
We strive to offer creative solutions, reliability and exceptional service to our clients. Our principle is conducting business in a responsible, honest and ethical manner.
Zurial Corporate Promotions supply a wide range of apparel, corporate clothing and promotional gifts in small as well bulk quantities at the same time offering our clients numerous options for their premium branding. We sell to a diverse range of the communities, from global corporations to small businesses, sporting teams and individuals.  
We help our clients brand their own design that people (both employees and the tribes) actually believe in. People want comfort, happiness and satisfaction in their lives, and they get it in part through the products they buy. If the brands they use consistently deliver a positive experience, this creates a perception of quality, consistency, and brand trustworthy which then evoke memories and emotions associated with quality which gives them peace of mind when buying. Zurial Corporate Promotions puts the visualisation into reality.

Our Mission
It’s simple: Our business is helping other companies promote their businesses.

Our Vision
Zurial Corporate Promotions aims to empower millions of business owners worldwide to market themselves professionally. Our wide range of quality products and affordable prices, along with branding tools mean that every company can obtain customized products required to get their message across.ark